Robot Talk Support for Windows 8.1/10

Note if installing from windows store to Windows 8.1, that you may not see Robot Talk on the start screen, however on your start menu it will appear under the group labelled 'Modern UI Applications'. Also on the start screen if you goto the bottom left corner of the start screen, a downward arrow will appear. Click on the arrow and a full list of all installed apps will appear. Next find 'Robot Talk', right click on it, and an options menu will appear, with the option to pin the app to the start screen.

PlayTo Information

To view more info on howto use a device with playto please go here

How to add additional languages

Windows 8.1 Firstly, goto control panel.Under Clock,Language, and Region, click on the link labelled 'Add a language'. This will open a new screen called 'Language'. On the top part of the screen, click on the option labelled 'Add a language'.This will display a screen containing a list of languages available. Here click on one to add, then click on the add button at the bottom of the screen. This will then take you back to the 'Language' screen, here you can see the language you selected has been added to the list. Next, select the recently added language and click on the options link on the right-hand side.This will open a new screen labelled 'Language options', on this screen click on the link labelled 'Download and install language pack'. Repeat this operation, per language you wish to install. Please note for some reason, that certain languages such as Dutch, are not supported under Text-To-Speech. see this list - supported TTS voices before downloading

Windows 10 Via the start button click on settings.Next, click on 'Time & Language'.Next, click on 'Region & Language'.Then, click on 'Add a Language'.Next, click on a language to add. on the next screen select the same language again,then click on, click on 'Download'.


Main screen at startup
Main screen at startup

Reporting Errors/Bugs

Please provide as much info as possible, like which screen you were on. If possible, please take a screenshot of the error/bug.